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Canada Best Solutions C.B.S is a company that provides Immigration and Legal services for anyone who wishes to study, invest, visit or
immigrate to Canada or U.S.A, helping them to determine which programs or program qualify according to their
characteristics and conditions.

C.B.S also provides services regarding marrying and sponsoring a Cuban Citizen. Preparation of all
documentation by the Cuban Authorities in order to get married. Official Spanish translation recognized
the Cuban Government, and any kind of legalization and translation services recognized by CIC.

Finally C.B.S provides advice and legal representation for Canadians and Cubans living in Canada in front
the Cuban Consulate in Toronto to help them with any kind of process.

The idea for the business came from its founder, president and director Marlys Rodriguez Perez,
who is a lawyer from Cuba looking for immigration options in different countries around the world. Her
search resulted that Canada was one of the best places to settle, taking into account the educational
system, economic structure, and socio-cultural environment of this country; as well as the health
and the different job opportunities for all new immigrants in Canada.

Finally, Canada Best Solutions C.B.S was founded in 2012.

Marlys Rodriguez Perez is an active member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants
and a Commissioner of Taking affidavits in the Province of Ontario who holds a Diploma of Immigration
Consultant at Humber College, graduated with Honors in January 2013. Marlys RP holds a Degree in
and Business Negotiation Diploma from Central University Martha Abreu De Las Villas, Cuba (2005-2007).
Marlys RP graduated with honors from Law School in Central University Martha Abreu de las Villas, Cuba
2000-2005. Holding a Bachelor Degree in Laws, Gold Diploma. Having more than 10 years of experience
providing legal services and advice.

We are a team of certified immigration consultants. We work together with lawyers and legal advisers to
provide better immigration services. In Addition, C.B.S has established networks in different countries
Middle East and Latin America specially Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and U.S.A to ensure a better

All the services we provide are legitimate,
being our main objective to help clients to meet their needs in any immigration cases.


CEO & General Manager at Canada Best Solutions CBS
College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)
Member in good standing of CICC.
Commissioner of Taking Affidavits
in the Province of Ontario
Lawyer, Member in good standing of National Union of Cuban Lawyers and Jurists

Marlys is responsible for controlling and managing all application
for all immigration programs and services. Mrs. Rodriguez has been passionate
helping people from any part of the world to immigrate to the place of their dreams for a better

Life insurance and segregated funds advisor

Life Insurance Financial
Advisory Specialist Critical illness insurance
Travel insurance for visitors to Canada
Investments retirement plans
Savings Plans for education, among others.

General Manager of the offices of Cuba and Latin America

Lien is in charge of managing all the procedures in Cuba and Latin America,
as well as supervising our specialist‘s work guaranteeing the correct processing of the
applications in general.

Legal advisor with over 10 years of experience in the immigration department.

Experienced legal advisor in charge of guiding clients (Canadians) who want to establish in Cuba walking them through the entire process. As a lawyer, he has a strong knowledge of all the rights and responsibilities of a Cuban resident/citizen providing the client with the best advice and support.

Member of Real Estate,
Council of Ontario (RECO).

Saeid has over 7 years of experience in Real State business. He is
responsible for placing students and new immigrants in different rental homes or apartments
needed by the applicant. He is also in charge of the selling and buying process to those seeking
a place to buy, sell or invest (house, condos, commercial, etc.).

Executive secretary,
Legal assistant.

Responsible for maintaining the adequate functioning of the company executing the assigned tasks with a high level of competency.

Specialist in immigration procedures.

In charge of processing clients applications base on every client’s needs. By carfully collecting and handling the information provided by the client, she contributes to guarantee the success of the process.

Specialist in immigration procedures.

In charge of processing clients applications base on every client’s needs. By carfully collecting and handling the information provided by the client, she contributes to guarantee the success of the process.


Our main goal is to provide you with a superior standard of service quality while ensuring that
Immigration Case is successfully concluded in a timely manner.


We are located in Canada and we know very well the Canadian Immigration system.

We have vast experience in the industry and to date we have achieved a very high percentage of
Client satisfactions.

We work with professionals that are specialized in the different aspects of the immigration field
(Canada and U.S.A)

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